The Best Mattress To Help You Get Your Needed Beauty Sleep

A comfortable mattress will play a major role in getting the much needed beauty sleep.

There are many different types of mattresses, each type with certain advantages and characteristics. The best type of mattress usually depends on owner’s preference.

However, there are certain mattress types which stand out due to their durability, comfort level, and their resistance to sagging and wear.

Best Mattress To Help You Get Your Needed Beauty Sleep:


This is the most popular type of mattress in the 21st century. They come in different ranges of firmness. Some of them come with built in pillow tops.

Innerspring mattresses may be priced between $300 and $800 and are usually available in a-wide-range, from basic-models to the fancier more adorned styles. The pocket-coils are good for couples since they help balance the weight & contours.

Memory Foam

A memory foam mattress is made from dense lattice of spherical-polyurethane cells that conform easily-to the pressure and shape of your body, thus reducing “pressure points” which may lead to discomfort at night. It also retains body heat, which most sleepers find it adds to the comfort level.

There are temperature sensitive memory foam mattresses which change firmness depending on the room’s temperature, cool (thicker & firmer) or warm (less thick & less firm).

Unlike the spring mattresses, the memory-foam-mattresses are less likely to absorb-dust mites or sag at the middle.


Waterbeds use hollow-vinyl mattresses which are filled with water, normally set into a wooden frame.

They’ve temperature controls which can warm up the water whenever the room temperature falls. Since it’s free-of pressure points, a waterbed will help those who have back and/or neck pains.

The vinyl mattress will also resist dust and mites, which is a problem with most fabric mattresses.

Air Mattress

Air mattress beds usually use air chambers & layers of foam, instead of springs for support.

You can adjust the bed’s firmness using a pump system which is controlled via remote. “Dual chambered” queen & king size air-mattress-beds may be adjusted on 2 sides, allowing either of the sleepers a firmer sleep thus ending the problem-of motion transfer from 1 side to another.

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